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Wedding Couples: Dos and Don’ts

female wedding photographerAre you and loved one getting married? Are you both excited and busy with setting up the party and trying to make that one-day special?

The wedding party is one exceptional event of the merge of two individuals. It is something that cannot be undone and repeated. So, you want to make sure that you know everything you should do and most importantly what you shouldn’t do!

The top 8 Dos and Don’ts  for engaged couples are here!

1.       List your guests starting from now

Bride’s brain is a phenomenon. There’s always someone to add when you’re walking down the street 3 months later. And someone you forgot to send the invitation to 2 months before the wedding.

Start progressively from your family members, colleagues at work, college friends, friends from the same organization, high school friends and then your girl’s squad (because there’s no way you’ll forget them).

2.       Print invitations more than you need

Actually, you’ll need them all eventually. You know, you can never be sure that you’ve invited everyone you want. Extra invitations will save your time from having to print again and you can still officially invite them.

An extra invitation can also make a great decoration for your wedding album or your master bedroom. A small memento of your big day!

3.       Ask your friends for recommendations

Married friends have gone through the same process and have advice they can give you regarding choosing your vendors and venue. If your wedding is still 2 years away, it’s a good time to start asking!

4.       Make time to visit

This is why I said 2 years. During such ample time, you can visit potential vendors one by one and ask what they can provide. You can also compare pricing and make your decision after careful research.

5.       Don’t stress out!

Sure it’s a lot of work! But this big day is meant to be a happy day to commemorate one of the biggest steps of your life. Don’t let the pressure burden you. Share it with your partner and ask for help from friends, family members and refrain from trying to do everything by yourself. You are after all going to build your own family and what’s family for if you can’t ask for their help when you need it?

6.       Neatly, list out things you need to do and stick them in a visible place

This is one way to manage your time. You need to go for wedding dress fitting, dinner test for your reception, choosing your decoration, so on and so forth. Decide when you need to do what and promise yourself to not let anything unnecessary from preventing you to do them.

They pile up real quick!

7.       Don’t get uninsured wedding photographer!

You don’t know when accidents can happen. Especially in a big party, a lot of things are going on and when they happen to your photographer, a happy day can turn into a sour one. There’s a chance that your photographer will miss important moments and top it off, you might go through a series of legal issues.

8.       Get a professional photographer / Don’t let Uncle Bob take the pictures

I am not saying that besides your photographer, no one should take pictures. But it is important to remember that your wedding pictures are going to be the only thing that’s left of the party. The party on last for the day and you will only have your album to relive!

JoanneB Photography is run by a female wedding photographer. You can find her at One of the perks of being a female wedding photographer is that she talks and connects with a lot of the guests before taking their pictures. This makes things less awkward and more conducive to take natural, candid pictures.