newborn photographyBabies are delightful. The sheer amazement accompanied by the “oohs” and “awws” from friends, neighbours and family show how unknown to themselves, babies are extraordinarily powerful at capturing attention. The smile, joy, absence of worries and laughter. These things resonate deeply within families. Little wonder why newborns are a source of profound happiness.

Pictures capture moments, and moments define life. As a new-born photographer, you are tasked with capturing these memories as early as they come. It is an amazing job really, not just being able to capture and help preserve these memories, but given the opportunity to hold and cuddle these little bundles of joy. However, like every other job out there, newborn photography comes with its own fair share of risks and cons.

Age Determines What You Get. Most of the Time.

Age matters a lot. Babies older than three weeks are more conscious of their environment and usually will not conform to poses or give you the cute moments you just might be searching for. While babies younger than three weeks will usually allow you snuggle them into any comfortable position and give you the satisfaction of a cute and adorable pose, they are unaware of the environment and are highly unpredictable.

So, whether you want to do a posed new-born photography session (where you generally invite the parents with the baby over to your studio and by so doing, maintain control over the environment) or a lifestyle newborn photography session (where you do the job in the client’s home with the baby in its natural habitat), you need more than cameras and gadgets. You need to be 101% security conscious.

Tips to Ensure Baby Safety

  • Watch how the pros do it. View lots of YouTube videos, if you don’t have the opportunity of tagging along with a new-born photographer. There is no underestimating the influence videos and social media have on learning. Lots of people learn new skills this way.
  • Make sure that the environment is well aerated and spaced for the baby to easily play around.
  • Clear the area of objects, jewellery, cups and as many dangerous objects as possible.
  • If there are pets around, keep them out. While pets can add another layer of charm, you need to maintain control over them. Otherwise, this moment is for the baby.
  • Reduce noise in the environment. Babies are easily startled. An alarm might just ruin the pose or even the whole day.
  • When trying out a pose, and the baby feels uncomfortable, gently move on to a less demanding one. Poses are good and adorable, but not to the detriment of the baby.
  • Ensure that the baby is always kept warm. Warm, not sweaty. Sweaty means hot, and hot is bad.
  • Most importantly, never take your eyes off the baby. If you have to, make sure a parent or assistant is constantly watching.

Always keep in mind that newborns are capable of anything within their mobile space. By making security a priority, you are not just taking care of the baby. You are also showing that parents can totally trust you. And trust goes a long way in this business.


newborn photographyWhat do we know about newborns?

  • They are the tiniest humans
  • They grow up fast

These two features about the newborns when combined together indicate delicacy and sweet moments. Owing to the fact that the newborns are tiny in appearance it means that they are unable to fend for themselves at such a small state and this is what creates their dependence on parents for sustenance hence the delicate nature. The fact that they grow up fast means the precious moments with them can be gone within the blink of an eye.

In that case, it becomes top priority for parents to do whatever they can to preserve those precious moments through the aid of photographs. This is where specialist services like newborn photography by Sue Kennedy are useful. Photographing newborns is not exactly easy but neither is it difficult but it is only an expert that can attain a balance between the two. During the first few weeks of their birth, newborns spend most of their time asleep and this would probably be the best moment to have their pictures taken as they are more amenable to poses. The following are some other tips:

The benefit of different locations

The location chosen for newborn photography can vary from an actual studio to the natural setting of the home. Both have their advantages as for a studio, all the equipment and props needed are easily available to make sure that the process goes smoothly. In the natural setting of the home on the other hand, the baby is surrounded by things they are familiar with in a day to day basis.

The best time to shoot is when they are asleep

Babies can be particularly fussy. Luckily, when it comes to the newborn they are merely a few weeks old and are still trying to get used to the new environment they find themselves in hence the reason they spend most of their time asleep instead of awake. When they are asleep, newborn photography becomes more natural in a way as it shows the newborn in a delicate and unaware state which makes for adorable pictures.

Making use of props and costumes

Newborn photography is all about showcasing the babies and for some photographers you may find that the encourage parents to have the photographs of their child be done in the nude. If however the parents do not prefer this or want other options apart from this, this is where costumes and props come in to liven the shots. The choice of costumes or clothing might be up to the parents to decide while the props may be provided for by the newborn photographer.

Using the parents

Another feature of newborn photographs is having the parents also feature in the background either as a prop themselves or to just make the picture all about the family. The parents can be used to form a type of cocoon for the newborn while the photographer takes care to capture the shot of the baby in a natural embrace.


newborn photography tipsMake the most use of natural light for your newborn photography shoot.

Natural lighting is one of the favorite light settings of most newborn photographers because it is the light setting that comes with next to no effort in setting up because it is already there. More than that, natural light is the best option for taking photos of newborn babies because it is something that will not startle them. Newborn babies are quite sensitive to harsh lighting such as the flash that is being used in photography. When it all comes down to it; this is the main reason why natural lighting should be your first option. Make it work as much as possible. Position the area that you are shooting in right next to an open space or a window of some sort. This is a strategy that works great for natural lighting as well as for ventilation. It is important for you to make sure that the room that you hold the photo shoot in is comfortable for the newborn baby. It should not be too hot to make it stuffy for the baby but not too cool to the point where the baby will tend to feel chilly. You need just about the right kind of temperature to make the baby comfortable all throughout the photo shoot.

If you want newborn photography that stands out, make sure that you get to capture all of the little details.

The little details are more often than not the money shots that will really get to bring your images a notch up above the rest. Pay attention to the little details when you are doing your newborn photography shoot. Bring a macro lens along so you can do your close up shots of the newborn baby’s individual body parts. This is something that the parents will really get to appreciate. Take your time with the detailed shots and go through them as tastefully as you would like. The best way for you to take your detailed shots would be during the time that the newborn baby is asleep. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Schedule the newborn photography shoot ten days after the baby is born.

It is the perfect time or phase. The first ten days of the baby’s life is the most important phase for you to plan your photo shoot around. The baby is not that well aware of his surroundings just yet during the first ten days of his life so this is the perfect timing if there is going to be any. Talk to the parents of the baby and make sure that the photo shoot is planned right on schedule.

Include the parents, siblings, or any other family members present in the pictures.

One of the best elements that you can bring in to a Calgary newborn photography shoot is the concept of having the baby being surrounded by family. Pose the baby with his siblings and parents. It is an emotional angle that you can play up.