Supplies Your Guests will Love When You Hire a Photobooth

Photobooths have become the trendiest and most sought-after addition to all types of parties, from weddings to hire a photoboothbirthdays to holidays. When you hire a photobooth, you ensure an additional element of fun and retro nostalgia to the festivities, which also allows for a great deal of creativity and entertainment to all ages.

Photobooths are amazing on their own, but they also come with a selection of wonderful accessories that can be used as memorable complements. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when you plan your celebrations:

  • Funky backdrops

An excellent addition to any photobooth is a backdrop that sets the scene and creates the atmosphere of a veritable photography studio for your guests. Backdrops can range from themed to patterned to a burst of colour or shimmer and they are a great accompaniment to the photo album and to the social media of the guests.

  • Festivity-specific props

When you hire a photobooth, you cannot go wrong by adding props to the experience. There is a wealth of props catered to every specific festivity, from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries, from the sweet to the hilarious, and they can also be themed and even personalised to your specific tastes. They add a special touch to creating memories, and they enhance the entertaining factor of photobooths even more.

  • Retro cameras

Handing your guests disposable cameras to snap their own perspective of the event is sure to create a perfect photo album alongside the photobooth. The cameras allow for a dynamic and personalised view of the fun, and it permits each individual guest to have their own take on what to memorialise, as well as colouring the party with that cherished vintage aesthetic.

  • Selfie station

Another way of giving your guests a dynamic way to record the night themselves alongside the wonders of the photobooth is setting up a selfie station. The station can be equipped with selfie sticks and instant cameras and you can also create cards with a personalised hashtag for the event that the guests can use when they upload their snaps. They can also keep these shots as souvenirs of a fantastic event that will be spoken of for a long time to come.

  • Photo frames

Frames are another fun and colourful addition to complement your photobooth shots, and they can also be personalised to suit the occasion and the atmosphere. Frames come in many sizes and colours and they can be a playful accessory to delineate and add character to photobooth sessions, bringing along another touch of sparkle.

  • Guestbooks

Traditional guestbooks can be redefined by having them work in tandem with a photobooth: instead of simple signatures, guests can use snaps they have taken in the booth to leave their mark on a cooperative on-the-spot photo album that is made even more precious due to the personal participation of those invited.

Photobooths are the perfect addition to a memorable event, and there are a myriad supplies that enhance the effect. To hire a photobooth and throw an event your guests will not easily forget, visit