Wedding Photography

Styles That Your Gay Wedding Photographer Might Use for Your Wedding Pictures

gay wedding photographerThinking of hiring a gay wedding photographer to cover your special moment? Then that is definitely a good idea! The services of a professional photographer are bound to come in handy to capture the memories and actions that take place during the wedding.

But, before you finalize the hiring decision, we have just one question to ask. Do you know the style of wedding photography your photography will be shooting with? One thing you ought to know is that just as there are different types of photography such as nature, wildlife, still life etc, wedding photography also exists in different forms.

Before choosing who is going to be covering your special event, it is important that you understand what these various styles entail and if they catch your fancy. A good wedding photographer will also inform you of the style he shoots in but to be on the safe side, it would be best to avail yourself of the knowledge of what they are and if they would fit best with the theme of your wedding.

Some of the styles include:

  • Fine Art Wedding Photography

Although limiting in terms of results, fine art wedding photography is one style that emphasizes on the correct positioning and setting of components of a photograph. It is similar to portrait photography in the sense that, by itself, the style cannot be used only to cover the events of a wedding. If you are going to be hiring two wedding photographers for your special day then no problem. One of them can utilize fine art wedding photography while the other uses another style to get a more comprehensive photo album.

The fine art style of capturing images requires expert skills in composition, framing, lighting and editing. It also does not require the subject to pose in certain styles although the photographers are likely to change the arrangement of objects to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Black and White Wedding Photography

This type of photography takes us back in time to the era where colorful photographs were non-existent. It is a good way of capturing timeless and classic images. If you prefer colored photographs then, there are several photography styles that can achieve this. Monochromatic pictures produce compelling frames that allow both the background and subject of the shoot to shine.

However, black and white photography is not something that is uniquely practiced. A gay wedding photographer might decide to use it in order to salvage the look of an image. Perhaps, the images were shot in unappealing backgrounds or the lighting condition could not be adjusted to produce a better look. With a simple blur of the background also, the highlight of the picture easily becomes the wedding couple.

  • Aerial Wedding Photography

Drone shoots are now a thing! Imagine your gay wedding photographer providing you with an aerial view of your wedding moments. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

However, drone photography is best done when the wedding is an outdoor one. Doing it indoors is limiting and would definitely not produce the results you expect although a creative photographer would find ways around it.