newborn photography tipsMake the most use of natural light for your newborn photography shoot.

Natural lighting is one of the favorite light settings of most newborn photographers because it is the light setting that comes with next to no effort in setting up because it is already there. More than that, natural light is the best option for taking photos of newborn babies because it is something that will not startle them. Newborn babies are quite sensitive to harsh lighting such as the flash that is being used in photography. When it all comes down to it; this is the main reason why natural lighting should be your first option. Make it work as much as possible. Position the area that you are shooting in right next to an open space or a window of some sort. This is a strategy that works great for natural lighting as well as for ventilation. It is important for you to make sure that the room that you hold the photo shoot in is comfortable for the newborn baby. It should not be too hot to make it stuffy for the baby but not too cool to the point where the baby will tend to feel chilly. You need just about the right kind of temperature to make the baby comfortable all throughout the photo shoot.

If you want newborn photography that stands out, make sure that you get to capture all of the little details.

The little details are more often than not the money shots that will really get to bring your images a notch up above the rest. Pay attention to the little details when you are doing your newborn photography shoot. Bring a macro lens along so you can do your close up shots of the newborn baby’s individual body parts. This is something that the parents will really get to appreciate. Take your time with the detailed shots and go through them as tastefully as you would like. The best way for you to take your detailed shots would be during the time that the newborn baby is asleep. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Schedule the newborn photography shoot ten days after the baby is born.

It is the perfect time or phase. The first ten days of the baby’s life is the most important phase for you to plan your photo shoot around. The baby is not that well aware of his surroundings just yet during the first ten days of his life so this is the perfect timing if there is going to be any. Talk to the parents of the baby and make sure that the photo shoot is planned right on schedule.

Include the parents, siblings, or any other family members present in the pictures.

One of the best elements that you can bring in to a Calgary newborn photography shoot is the concept of having the baby being surrounded by family. Pose the baby with his siblings and parents. It is an emotional angle that you can play up.


wedding photography tipsWear a comfortable pair of shoes during your wedding photography event.

Wedding photography is one of the most sought out niches in professional photography because it is the niche that pays the highest. There is a reason for the high service fees though. Being a wedding photographer Cheshire is not the easiest thing to do in the world. There is a lot of walking around and running around bring done, so much more than you could ever think about or pre-empt at some point or so. This is something that you will have to prepare yourself for. Make sure that you are outfitted with the most comfortable sturdy shoes that you can find and make sure that you will be able to keep up with all of the walking that you will have to do.

It is understandable if you want to wear something nice for the occasion. After all, weddings are particularly formal occasions at the end of the day. This does not mean that you will have to settle on one for the other though. You can always go for a little of both. Find something that looks like and feels comfortable as well but do not go for anything too crazy like five inch stilettos or anything like that. Go for fairly sensible options in your closet.

Manage the people who like to get in the way.

Wedding photography will also require you get some amount of people skills in order for you to be able to effectively function. You will need to make sure that you are able to handle these people the right way. Talk to them and assure them that you are right on top of the situation. Let them know that you appreciate their input and they you will be happy to make sure that you are able to try those out right after you are done with your specific schedule of shots. Give them the few minutes in between takes for them to be able to do what they want to do and shoot the photos that they would like to shoot. Be polite and friendly but make sure that you are also firm enough for them to respect you and to actually listen to what you have to say.

Have a meeting with the bride and groom and talk to them about the specifics of your wedding photography service.

Always go through the motions of really meeting the bride and groom. Lay out all of the details of your service and all of the items or products that they will be getting out of it. Be short and concise with what you would like to say. Do not go for anything that sounds frivolous and overly flowery because it might lead up to confusion one way or the other. You should lay it out to them in black and white.

Do not miss any important shots during the wedding event.

You do not want to have this kind of argument with the bride and groom. Get a shot list together and make sure that it is something that you are able to follow through with during the wedding photo shoot.


tripod mistakesQuality

Starting out on your wedding photography business is not an easy task to go through with and you might make some compromises when it comes to shopping for photography accessories. Do not make the mistake of getting a cheap and flimsy tripod. Money may be a bit of an issue for you because you are just starting out on your career bit it should not lead you to make the wrong decision for as far as investing in photography accessory is concerned. If you cannot afford a high quality tripod just yet, then find a way to borrow it from one of your friends in the photography industry. If you can’t find anyone to borrow a high quality tripod from, then you should rent one out. There are a lot of businesses that offer out photography gear and accessories for lease and new photographers are making use of them all of the time. If you get a cheap and flimsy tripod, you will only be wasting money and end up damaging your gear because of the fact that it can topple over any time with the slightest amount of pressure or weight. At the end of the day, it is not a risk that is worth taking. Save up your money until you have enough that will enable you to buy the tripod that will really get to suit you and your needs.

Leaving tripod

Do not make the mistake of leaving your tripod behind when you have a wedding photography shoot. If you have finally gotten the good sense to actually make the investment of going for a high quality tripod, you might as well make sure that you bring it along with you during your wedding photography shoots and actually use it. One of the biggest mistakes that photographers in general make is that they completely forego the tripod and leave it behind at home thinking that they will never really find a need to use it one way or the other. the point of the issue is that regardless of the kind of light setting that you will be shooting in during your wedding photography session, you will have a need for it at some point or so. The last thing you want to end up with is being caught in a situation where you could really use a tripod but can’t have one because you left it behind at home. Don’t be that guy. Like this Manchester wedding photographer, bring your tripod with you no matter what. If you have issues with having to carry it around with you and you find this a bit troublesome, then try to go for a tripod that is built for mobility and easy transport. It may cost you a little bit more than the usual but it is money worth spending when you come to think of it.

Use the spirit leveler to check the balance of the tripod and use weights if you need something to balance it out for you. A lot of people skip this step altogether but this is something that you should work on. Make it a habit to always check the spirit leveler before you set your gear up.


wedding photography tipsStay as calm as you possibly can during the wedding photography shoot.

The wedding day is one of the most nerve wracking days in a bride and groom’s life and that is something that you will need to be really considerate about at some point or so. If you are too nervous to cover the wedding event as the London wedding photographer, then you can only imagine how nervous the bride and groom are with having the entire celebration centered on them. This is a really stressful time for your clients. If you are nervous about how things will go, then you should go out of your way to make sure that it does not show as much as possible. Slow down your rate of speech. Think things through before you actually open your mouth to talk. Be rest assured in the fact that you have everything mapped out from start to finish and that nothing could go wrong or that in the event that something does, you have a pretty good backup plan to see things through. You should be fair to your clients and make sure that you do not pass off any kind of nervous energy to them in the most important day of their lives.

Talk to the pastor, priest, rabbi, and so on who will be presiding over the wedding ceremony.

Different religious and churches have pretty different beliefs and practices and those are things that you will really need to work out and prepare for one way or the other. Take the time out of your day to really talk to the person in charge of administering the wedding ceremony and to understand the sequence of the wedding ceremony and the entire process in general. You will need to go over the things that are allowed for you to do inside the church and things that are now allowed or to be tolerated. There are a lot of churches that do not allow wedding photographers to be right next the altar while the bride and the groom are taking their vows so make sure that you got things like those down pat well ahead of time.

You need to be an expert in the use of natural light and use that skill to improve your wedding photography shoot.

Natural light is one of the best available kinds of lighting out there. It is something that comes abundantly at all of the right times during the day. It is also something that you will have to manipulate so that you can get just the right kind of pictures and effects that you are aiming for when it comes to the photos that you take. Natural lighting is also something that tends to make facial profiles look really gorgeous and that is something that you need to take advantage of at some point or so.

Prepare for bad weather during your wedding photography session.

Anything and everything can happen during a wedding photography shoot. It might rain or there may be extreme heat, and so on and so forth. The point of the matter is that you need to make sure that you do not come in empty handed.


wedding photography tipsNo missing shots

One of the most cardinal mistakes that you will ever get to make as a wedding photographer is missing any important shots during the wedding. If you miss out on any important moments during the wedding event, this is something that the bride and groom will find very hard to forgive at some point or so. Understandably, it is their wedding that is being talked about in the first place. This is something that can result to finger pointing, blaming, and all of the other unsavory things that come along with arguments. It is the last thing that you would like to end up in after your stint with them as a wedding photographer. You should go well out of your way to make sure that you set up all of the precautions needed so that you do not find yourself in such a situation.

Talk to the bride and groom ahead of time.

Ask them for a list of the most important moments that they want to make sure is documented all throughout the wedding. List all of these items down and make sure that you keep the list close to you all the time during the wedding photography shoot. Add in a few items of your own if you think it will help you improve on your coverage. Follow through on the list at all times and make sure that you do not miss out on anything.

Change up your lenses a bit every now and then.

If you start to see people getting bored or getting a little bit uncomfortable in the photos that you are taking, then you should probably start taking hints. A lot of people are not that used when it comes to being under the scrutiny of the camera all of the time so that is something that you should watch out for. Sometimes, all it really takes to keep things going for you one way or the other is for you to step back a little and give the people you are taking photos of a little more breathing space. You will notice that people will soon start to relax a bit more once they feel as if the camera is not being shoved in their faces all of the time. A telephoto lens is something that can help you do this. You do not have to miss out on any shots just because you kept your distance a little, after all. It is the perfect solution to your wedding photographer problems.

Get chummy with the best man and with the maid of honor.

A great wedding photographer knows how to tap into his resources. The thing with weddings is that they can be extremely demanding and stressful as well for the bride and the groom. There will be a lot of moments during the wedding wherein you will need to ask a few questions or sign off on a few things but the bride and groom may not be available as you want them to be. Talk to the key players such as the best man and maid of honor so that you have some kind of correspondence to people close to the couple.


bride and groom1. Prioritize the family photos of the bride and of the groom

The family photos that the bride will have with her family and that the groom will have with his family are the most important photos that you will ever get to take at some point or so. This is something that you should have at the very top of your must have shot list at the end of the day. Make sure that you are able to pose people properly when you are trying to take your family shots. This can be a bit of an issue for you to come across with because of the fact that you will not always be quite familiar with the different family members given the extremely small window of time that you are given to work with. However, at the end of the day, there is a solution to this particular problem. Ask the bride and the groom to give you a family photo coordinator from each side of the family. Ask them for people who know anyone and everyone involved. That way, all that you will really have to worry about is just the actual act of taking the pictures.

2. There is no need to try all that hard to get people to like you during the wedding photography event.

You have to remind yourself time and time again that the bride and the groom hired you for your wedding photography services. Although it is nice to make yourself available for other extra aspects such as keeping people entertained in between takes, it is not your primary duty to do so and you really do not need to try all that hard. There is a pretty good chance that people may already like you just the way you are. Just be polite to people. Be friendly and accommodating and be sincere and genuine as much as possible. You do not have to change the way you are or who you are just to get people to like you.

3. Pay attention to the little details.

The little details usually bring in the best and the most romantic shots in a wedding photography album. A keen eye is basically something that  needs to be trained and you may not be so good at this in the beginning but you will eventually be able to get the hang of things for as long as you practice as much as you can. Include the wedding details as much as possible. Check out the preacher’s Bible, the beautiful floral arrangements, the lace in the ring pillows, and so on and so forth. A macro lens will help you out a lot when it comes to taking pictures like these so make sure that you are able to go well and out of your way to really invest in one so you can pull the detailed shots off.

4. Clearly indicate the items included in your wedding photography service.

Be concise and go straight to the point about the things included and not included in the service. You cannot afford any misunderstandings with the bride and with the groom.


event photographySpecial event photography is one of the most exciting and unpredictable legs of photography out there. The reason why it is so exciting is because of the fact that you will not really know where you will end up until you actually go ahead and take the call one way or the other. Special event photography is one of those side gigs that can really keep you and your business afloat during those dry spells in between major photography gigs. If you get a request for coverage, you know for a fact that it is something that you will just have to cover. You cannot afford to pass things up most especially if you are just starting out and just trying to grope your way through at some point.

You need to really dress the part.

Blend in to the event as much as possible and do your best in making sure that you are more or less able to really stick to the dress code that most of the guests are sticking to as well. You have to keep in mind of the fact that when it all comes down to it, you are technically representing your clients as well and that is why you need to seriously put some thought into the outfit that you will be wearing in the event. A good general rule for dressing would be to dress formally. Business casual is usually the best way to go when it all comes down to it. Throw in some slacks, good and sensible shoes, a plain inner shirt with a blazer over it or something similar to that and you should be good to go. The last thing that you want to do is show up at an event and completely embarrass yourself as well as your clients by looking completely under dressed and way out of place.

Make sure that you really get to meet with your clients first and talk things out with them.

It is very important for you to manage the expectations of everyone – both your clients’ and your own as well. You need to know exactly what you are getting into and whether you will be able to deliver everything that your clients are asking for. Talk things out with your clients and go over everything in painstaking detail as much as you possibly can. When you are discussing your terms with your clients, beating around the bush is something that is highly discouraged. Try to be as concise as you possibly can and make sure that you are able to drive your point home as simply as you can put it. The use of flowery words and ambiguous language will only confuse your clients and may lead to expectations that will eventually lead to disappointments. Get your ducks in a row and cut all those disputes right in the bud before they even come up. It is great for business and it will even be far better for your working relationships with your clients.

Package your services wisely and make sure that you are able to come up with fairly reasonable prices as well.

Prices that come off as too steep or too high are something might turn your potential clients off. On the other hand, prices that come off as something too low might end up to you selling yourself a little more on the short side and you might end up with more losses instead of actually gaining a fairly respectable margin of profit for your efforts.


commercial photographyCommercial photography, in a sense, could be any kind of photography at all.

For as long as it is a photography assignment that you are paid to do or for as long as you are paid for the service that you provide, then that is technically considered as commercial photography. This can be a nerve wracking concept to get your head around at first but still something that is worth doing especially if you are focused on eventually making a living out of your photography passion. To some people, this can happen unplanned. It might happen to you to. So you’ve been practicing and you are getting better and posting your photos on social media. Your friends and family notice this and they start wondering if you can take photos for them for events that they might hold or any other reason in the photography spectrum and you start to consider it seriously. Here are a few things that you will need to consider before you technically say yes to a paid assignment.

Understand what the agenda is

First and foremost, as the expert in commercial photography, you will need to understand completely what and where the photos are to be used for. Will they be just for posterity’s sake or will they end up in some major national billboard? The reason why you need to know is because of the fact that the differences are huge and so is the pricing. Something that is to be used for ads and marketing should cost considerably more due to the fact that they may require more equipment and post shoot processing than usual. Factor all of these in and make your decisions on from there. Just really talk it out with your client and understand what they would like to do.

Draft out a contract

It is highly important that your clients know exactly what they will be getting in paper and in plain black and white. This is not something that you can afford to second guess. Both parties should know exactly what is in it for them and what should be expected. Arguments between clients and photographers is something as common as night and day but the truth of the matter is that it is something that should not even happen in the first place. If you have something on paper, there is nothing to worry about or argue about. You simply go back to the document that you both signed if there are any misconceptions and that should clear the air right then and there. Go through the motions of consulting a lawyer as well and let him proofread your draft. You need to make sure that you will be able to mitigate any risks if anything happens.

Practice the art of quoting

Price quoting is an extremely difficult balance. If you tip the scale to either side a little too much, it will mean disaster for your business. A price that is too high will turn your clients off. A price that is too low will attract clients but will end up with you not bringing in a margin of profit.


commercial photographyNever ever agree to get a job before you understand everything there is to find out about it.

Establish what their expectations are in the beginning. Commercial photography is all about making sure that everything has been set up well ahead of time. You need to know exactly what you are getting into first before you even agree to anything and everything. The reason why this step is so crucial or important is because of the fact that when it all comes down to it, managing the expectations of the clients who hired you. Take the time to sit down with the clients and really talk to them. You will need to list down all of the things that your clients want or expect from you out of the commercial photography agreement. Make sure that it is something that you are able to follow through with commitment that you can possibly muster up as much as possible. Go back and forth when it comes to discussing all of the items that are in the list. Tell them what particular items that you can work on giving them and come up with a compromise on some things that you cannot deliver.

You need to understand what the intended use is for the images.

You should also discuss with the clients what the use is for the images produced on that particular commercial photography project before you move on to the rest of the other aspects such as the pricing and all of the other details that come along with the composition of the commercial photography shoot. You need to know whether it is to be used for a magazine spread, for a print ad, for a major billboard, and so on and so forth when it all comes down to it. You will also need to find out who the intended or targeted client base is at some point or so. Is it intended for the local group of moms shopping for weekend vegetables or is it meant to really launch an entire nationwide campaign for a really interesting product that needs to be blasted out one way or the other. You will also be able to tell what kind of preparations you will need to make for this particular type of commercial photography shoot.

Commercial photography is all about making sure that you get to quote as realistically as you possibly can.

Quoting is a really tricky and delicate act to balance. However, when it all comes down to it, you will need to make sure that you are able to do it the right way. You need to consider all of your overhead costs, the number of hours that you are putting in, the amount of work that you will need to put in, the amount of gear or equipment that you will need to bring with you all throughout the commercial photography shoot, and so on and so forth. Anything too low and you will lose out on your margin of profit and anything too high and you will turn your clients off.