Newborn Photography Safety Tips: Maintaining A Safe Environment

newborn photographyBabies are delightful. The sheer amazement accompanied by the “oohs” and “awws” from friends, neighbours and family show how unknown to themselves, babies are extraordinarily powerful at capturing attention. The smile, joy, absence of worries and laughter. These things resonate deeply within families. Little wonder why newborns are a source of profound happiness.

Pictures capture moments, and moments define life. As a new-born photographer, you are tasked with capturing these memories as early as they come. It is an amazing job really, not just being able to capture and help preserve these memories, but given the opportunity to hold and cuddle these little bundles of joy. However, like every other job out there, newborn photography comes with its own fair share of risks and cons.

Age Determines What You Get. Most of the Time.

Age matters a lot. Babies older than three weeks are more conscious of their environment and usually will not conform to poses or give you the cute moments you just might be searching for. While babies younger than three weeks will usually allow you snuggle them into any comfortable position and give you the satisfaction of a cute and adorable pose, they are unaware of the environment and are highly unpredictable.

So, whether you want to do a posed new-born photography session (where you generally invite the parents with the baby over to your studio and by so doing, maintain control over the environment) or a lifestyle newborn photography session (where you do the job in the client’s home with the baby in its natural habitat), you need more than cameras and gadgets. You need to be 101% security conscious.

Tips to Ensure Baby Safety

  • Watch how the pros do it. View lots of YouTube videos, if you don’t have the opportunity of tagging along with a new-born photographer. There is no underestimating the influence videos and social media have on learning. Lots of people learn new skills this way.
  • Make sure that the environment is well aerated and spaced for the baby to easily play around.
  • Clear the area of objects, jewellery, cups and as many dangerous objects as possible.
  • If there are pets around, keep them out. While pets can add another layer of charm, you need to maintain control over them. Otherwise, this moment is for the baby.
  • Reduce noise in the environment. Babies are easily startled. An alarm might just ruin the pose or even the whole day.
  • When trying out a pose, and the baby feels uncomfortable, gently move on to a less demanding one. Poses are good and adorable, but not to the detriment of the baby.
  • Ensure that the baby is always kept warm. Warm, not sweaty. Sweaty means hot, and hot is bad.
  • Most importantly, never take your eyes off the baby. If you have to, make sure a parent or assistant is constantly watching.

Always keep in mind that newborns are capable of anything within their mobile space. By making security a priority, you are not just taking care of the baby. You are also showing that parents can totally trust you. And trust goes a long way in this business.