Wedding Photography

Let Us Help You Prepare as a Wedding Photographer Andover

wedding photographer AndoverThis time, we want to help all beginners in wedding photography. You don’t know what you should do for your first job as a wedding photographer Andover. Obviously, you know you need to take pictures and then edit them. But this is just a simplified way of explaining what you have to do.

The real photographer has a lot more tasks they are responsible for and to top it off, clients never ask anything less than a perfect job done.

Consult with them

It’s important to provide as many consultation sessions for your clients. This is because your clients know what they want, not you. And most importantly, the more you know about your clients, the easier it will be to capture, edit and present the pictures in a way that your clients love. Everything is for the sake of them, isn’t it?

Plan the wedding photography

While your client is busy with preparing his wedding, you have to be busy with preparing yourself for the wedding. Think of what kind of pictures that you can get at the wedding venue. It is also a good thing to research on wedding pictures that have been taken in that place. Know the good spots for pictures and how you can best do it in a way that is uniquely you as well as in your client’s preference.

Start from what pictures do you want to get in the morning when everyone’s ready but before the ceremony starts? How will you want to stand during the ceremony and where do you want to position yourself during the reception? Think of these things while you research about the place.

Check your equipment

No matter what you do, a wedding photographer Andover cannot miss this part. No matter how long you’ve worked. Even if you already have an experience like Danish Apple Photography, never forget about checking your equipment.

You need to ensure that the cameras, lenses, and everything that you might use for the photography to be in good condition. Check and recheck before going to the venue and bring spare equipment in case your camera, battery or memory card fail to operate. These are three vital equipment a wedding photographer must have.

Proceed according to plan

Whatever you have planned, try to stick to it as much as possible. Variables like the client’s personal schedule and weather can ruin it, so count these things as well. It’s also a good thing to rank the priorities of the pictures. Such as having the golden hours shoot remaining on top of the list. And then taking pictures at the iconic gate of the venue, etc.

To make sure this happens like how you and your client want it to be, discuss it. Keep the communication open on how the day should go.

Have confidence!

Don’t doubt in yourself! Be confident that you are a capable wedding photographer Andover and that your client trusts in your skills. As long as you have practiced and plan it out, the rest would be executing what you have in mind and having confidence that you are a professional photographer not yet known by many.