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Choosing a Wedding Photographer Ireland

wedding photographer Ireland

How often have you seen your parents looking at their wedding photographs to reminisce about what that special day was like for them. The thing is as we advance in age, it becomes easy to forget certain details but with the help of pictures, what was forgotten can easily be remembered. The placement of the flowers, the look of the bride, the way the doves were released after the ceremony etc.

If your special day is just around the corner, then do not hesitate the contract the services of a wedding photographer Ireland. Trust us! You would be glad you did so. However, when it comes to choosing a photographer, care has to be exercised and certain steps taken as well. Read below on our guide to choosing a wedding photographer for your special day:

#1 Know the Style You Want

One thing you may not be aware of is the fact that wedding photographers can choose to specialize on certain aspects of photography. The reason being that there are various styles available. So, before hiring someone, ask yourself if you would want your wedding pictures taken in a certain way.

The options when it comes to wedding photography are:

  • The traditional style: here the photographer makes use of a shot list to capture all the images required by the client.
  • Photojournalism: this style has a bit of documentary twist to it as the photographer tries to tell a story by following you on your wedding day. Most of the shots are candid in nature.
  • Illustrative: a style that is a combination of both the traditional and the photojournalistic. Although there are posed shots, more emphasis is placed on being free in front of the camera.

#2 Start the search early

Thinking of waiting till the last minute before you go ahead and hire the wedding photographer Ireland? Now will be the time to have a rethink. Certain wedding photographers like get bookings all year round dating as far bac as 4 to 6 months in advance.

If you have already noted the photographer you want to have then be fast to make that booking. You do not want to have to settle for second best just because you were a few months late in booking that date. Also, starting the search early gives you the time to plan consultation with various photographers before arriving at someone that is most likely to deliver on your expectations.

#3 Get recommendations

Chances are you have a few friends or family members who tied the knot before you. Why not ask them for who they used and if the service provided to them was what they wanted or it fell below their expectations. On the internet, you can also do a search on wedding photographers in your area then check out if individuals are recommending their services or suggesting that you avoid them.

A local search on the wedding photographer Ireland is the best way to get more specific results. After all, there is bound to be some truth in the reviews you get to see online.