Baby Photography

newborn photography CalgaryFor newborn photographers, it is important to realize that the type of clients you will be facing are expecting mothers. Being in a situation that is slightly different than others, it is important to learn how to prepare them for the upcoming newborn photography Calgary session.

Psychologically tired

Pregnant mothers are 24 hours working to keep their baby growing and safe. They are faced with numerous physical problems such as uncomfortable back, nausea, uncontrollable bladder, acid influx, and mood swings. This requires us to be more empathetic with what they are feeling and how to answer questions they have.

Answer with consideration

It’s important to understand the concern behind each question they have. To especially first-time mothers, they are probably nervous and not sure what they need to make sure. That means you, the photographer, needs to answer and explains what could possibly be the real question they wanted to know.

For example, they can probably ask you when the booking should be made. Instead of simply saying on the due date, you can add that you understand how a due date can sometimes miss and that you provided a change of date up to a week before or after the due date depending on when is possible for the client.

If parents do not seem to be asking many questions, offer to guide them through the process and what they should bring on the event. Telling your clients what they should know is another way to show personal interest. This is a tip of a professional newborn photography Calgary provider,

Follow up

Usually, parents look for newborn photographers when they are entering their second trimester and during their third trimester. Afterward, it’s up to them when they want to do the booking, although it is advisable that you inform them that any later is risky as you might get booked on the same date, too.

Follow up clients who have booked. Mark on the calendar when their due date is and call about a week before to make sure that they remember to call you when the baby is born, so you can both set a date immediately. Try not to sound hasty or pushy and encourage mothers who might be nervous about the big thing that is going to happen.

Help out during the photography session

A single newborn session can last up to more than several hours and mothers can be very tired. Provided refreshments and inform them beforehand. Depending on how you work, it is always better to tell your parent’s ways to get the session get done early and fast, such as to feed their baby early and wear loosely.

During the session, should the baby make any mess, assure the parents that they should not fuss over it too much. Help out with cleaning the set and caring for the baby as well as keeping the room comfortable and safe.

Keep the parents up to date during the session. Some mothers are also reluctant to stand in front of cameras from being so tired, but it’s important to tell them that mother is the most important element in newborn photography Calgary and that it will be very worth it.